Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smörgåsbord Dinna

Tuesday Night:
Princely and I cooked dinner, but there was almost literally no food in the house. Naturally we resigned to use every single thing in the kitchen. Here is a recipe for our beef stew:

1.     Thaw the beef on the counter (there is no power and no running water, so it may take a while) then cut it from the bone and cook it slowly in water on the gas stove.
2.     Add beef masala, curry powder, two tomatoes, two onions and one green pepper chopped.
3.     Taste the mixture and come to realize that, though you put tons of flavors in it, it tastes like nothing. It is time to get creative (or desperate, whichever term makes you more comfortable)
4.     Add porridge mix (made of ground peanuts, wheat flower, corn flower, sorghum, and soya), powdered milk, garlic chili powder, coconut milk and mustard
5.     Debate with your cooking buddy for 10 minutes as you decide whether or not adding the pineapple you are currently chopping would be an advantageous addition to the medley. Be really persuasive – he’ll budge.
6.     Alright, add the pineapple.
7.     Let it soak for 7 minutes over flame, stirring consistently

Eat up! Over rice, it will be shockingly delicious.

For dessert, please break a plate by accident because there is still no power, so you can't see very well. Apologize profusely, to which the rest of the family will only say "no, sorry to you!" Collectively decide that the plate broke in a rather artistic way and then decide to do a contrast photo shoot.

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