Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Next Stop, Tarangire National Park

            This morning I woke up to three missed calls. That was odd. I don’t use my phone much here, especially before 7:30am. One was from Baba Glorious, the other two were from numbers not registered in my phone, so I dismissed them and carried on with my day. Then around 9, I received a text saying “Good morning Alyssa! Apologies for contacting u so early. My name is Peter Street – I saw u at church on Sunday but we never got to meet. My parents are going to Tarangire national park with their intern Sam tomorrow. Want to join?”
            Long story short ends with me deciding yeah, why not? So tomorrow morning I leave for Tarangire with Steve Street, his wife, and their 20-year-old intern Sam. The park is about two and a half hours away. We’re getting a 24-hour pass for the park and are driving through in Mr. Street’s car instead of a safari car to keep it cheap. It’s Peter’s favorite park in Tanzania, and he owns a safari company so I’d say he’s a solid judge. I’m pretty pumped, I’m going to pack some clothes tonight. I’m also kind of thrilled to be going with people whom I’ve never met. However as a safety net, if I don’t post again by Saturday morning, please assume that plan backfired and I’ve been kidnapped. A cross-global search party would be greatly appreciated.
            Get excited to see some animal pictures!!

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  1. Ugh, you lucky gal you. I'm happy you're branching out!!!