Monday, October 15, 2012

Joy Day 3

This post will be brief. Today I worked at Fountain of Joy again and, as always, enjoyed myself so much. I know I’m beating a dead horse by saying this but those girls are such fantastic students. I went with Princely as my translator and he suggested that I talk to the administrators about working in another day with Joy into my schedule. Of all the New Life students, they are given the least attention simply because the campus is so far away and they are admitted to the school for a maximum of two years. This means that I am most needed at Joy; they learn vocational skills five days a week and English one day. They are adamant about becoming fluid in English, and if I can help them by adding another day with them, then I’m all for it!
I still need to talk to the administrators, but I think I will begin to work with Joy on Wednesdays as well. This means that I will swap out my primary school ICT lessons for Grades 1 and 2 for a morning and afternoon at Joy. I would not mind this because for ICT I am teaching out of a Tanzanian textbook, which any teacher is capable of doing. Additionally, I will be more effective if my time is concentrated on a few students instead of swapping every day between Joy, Hope Primary, and Hope Secondary. Finally, I will be teaching more hours consecutively at Joy. ICT is two hour twenty minute classes and Joy is one four and a half hour class. With Joy in the morning, I will still make it back to secondary in the afternoon for the public health training.
I forgot to take pictures during the lesson but we couldn't resist a little family picture. From the back left it goes Elim, Magdelena, Durkas, Alyssa Rose, Lucy, Happy, Helima, and Jenny. Jenny teaches the girls vocational class but she sits in on my lesson to learn English as well.
The more I think about it, the more sure I become that I want to do this. I have written a curriculum for Joy Girls English class. It will give the girls a solid foundation in English, however it moves too fast with not enough review. If I work at Joy two days a week I can easily fix this dilemma. The one part I am still unsure about is when I will make the switch. I want to do it as soon as possible, but it may be better to wait until the New Year in January because that is when the students begin a new year so it will not be an abrupt exit for me as I leave Primary School ICT.

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