Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Donation!

This week I received my first blog-inspired donation to Uzima!! It was a very generous donation, one that will pay the rest of our most recent three-month installment of Tiba Ya Moyo radio broadcasting (Uzima’s popular radio program that reaches home as far as 8 hours away) and also help furnish a counseling room at the new Uzima Healing Center.  The donation was such a blessing. Uzima always barely slides under the wire on electric, water, and rent monthly payments. The donation came just in the knick of time for us to pay the radio fees before collecting interest.
Our goal for the near future is to begin collecting a pool of donators who are interested in lending small amounts of money on a regular basis. A mere $20 a month adds up and makes a huge impact on third-world NGOs like Uzima Africa. 

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