Sunday, October 28, 2012

Come and be Blessed

This morning’s church sermon was about blessings and was preached by Baba Shoo. It was the first time I heard him preach for almost a week because he has been traveling very much recently. He is my favorite preacher because his sermons are like lessons; they are based in logic. Just after church, I believe we received a blessing in disguise. Princely, Charity and I arrived home long before Mama and Baba and they had the keys to the house. Usually, we all would have gone inside. Charity would have sat down to watch Shrek Three for the forty-third time this week while Princely and I worked on the newsletter or passed time on our computers. Instead, we were all stuck outside. Charity still found a way to watch Shrek by hijacking my computer and finding a shady spot where the glare wasn’t too bad. Princely and I decided not to work on the newsletter, however. We had the materials outside with us, however we chose instead to cloud watch and climb trees and pass around a soccer ball with Charity after she finished the movie. Even after Mama and Baba got home, I felt inclined to stay outside. I fell asleep beneath the shade of a tree and napped through the early evening.

At first, we were all annoyed that we couldn’t get inside today, but after we embraced the blessing, we saw it as just that: a blessing. I am in a beautiful part of the world. When it’s not too cloudy I can see Mount Kilimanjaro from the yard, at night the stars are breathtaking and the mosquitoes aren’t even bad in this area. Sometimes I get so enveloped in my work that I forget to appreciate this natural beauty, and today was a blessed reminder to remain attentive.

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