Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lazy Sunday

This Sunday I took my first day off. Actually it wasn’t quite a day off because Princely and I worked on the new Uzima blog design (check it out at uzimaafrica.wordpress.com!) for a few hours, but other than that I just chilled. I woke up slowly, free-wrote for a little while, and then made egg sandwiches for the family before attending a 10:00 church service. The man preaching was from southern Tanzania and was far funnier than he meant to be. He preached a sermon about listening to Jesus. His testimony was about a man at bible school who stole his favorite shirt, and he knew this man stole his shirt because God spoke to him and told him it was true, however he chose not to bring shame to the man by confronting him about it because he knew Jesus would not do that. The way that the pastor told the story had everyone howling by the end of it. He kept saying, “I’m not joking! This is true!” but then he would laugh along as well.
After church we went to Union Café in downtown Moshi. We went there for food, coffee, and Internet access. I haven’t seen such a high concentration of white people in months. The establishment was beautiful and earthy and has been around since 1938, so I think it’s a big hit for the tourists. Plus the food is delicious. We drank espresso milkshakes and ate personal pizzas with avocado, chili, tomato, and chicken. YUM! We then returned to New Life to do some work because it turned out the Wifi at Union is not free. After a few hours of this we walked home to make dinner (Princely and I cook Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights). We walked early, about 20 minutes before sunset. The sun was brilliant and orange over mount Meru to our left, and Kili was flirting with a rainbow before us. I wish I had my camera to share the moment with you, but on the other hand it felt so clean to just absorb the beauty without preserving it.
For the rest of the night, we all just hung out, lazed around, but in a full way rather than a trapped, bored, or discontent way. I didn’t know how much I needed this kind of day until it happened. 

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