Monday, September 10, 2012


           It’s 11:05 am Monday morning, Tanzania time. I got in last night and was greeted by the entire Glorious family, which was a wonderful surprise. Also, getting my visa at the airport was a breeze. That was a godsend. We had a barbeque dinner late last night and I checked into the hotel where I am staying around 12 am. It is a Lutheran center about 6 miles down the road from New Life Foundation, where I will be working.
            Today, Josephine is coming for lunch and we will work out all the specifics for my responsibilities during my time here. My challenges of the morning have been an exploded container of lotion in my suitcases, a tricky toilet flusher, and very spotty internet. However every time I conquer one of these little issues I feel a tinge of pride. Independence.
            I did not anticipate how much my body would need and want rest. I have been intermittently napping all night and morning and am very appreciative of the opportunity to do so.
            (This entry was cut off so abruptly because I closed my computer and took a nap. Thank you, jet lag.)

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  1. You are truly magnificent in every way my beloved Alyssa. I congratulate you on your adventuresome and maturity. What pride and honor you bring to our family. May you great pleasure from your odyssey.
    God Bless and Keep You, Love You...Grampa