Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sorry I've been away for a few days, work has been crazy here this week. Mama and Baba are going to introduce New Life Foundation AND Uzima Africa to the UK today so Princely and I have been spending the past few days preparing and finalizing all their PR materials such as brochures and newsletters and PowerPoints.
I want to take a moment to emphasize how huge this is. NLF has four international partners (America, Norway, South Korea, and New Zealand) and Uzima has one in America. Both organizations are really struggling right now. With the economy being so low globally, and especially in America, there has been a huge decrease in donations in the past few years. At NLF, almost 100 children were dropped by sponsors just this year. In one week alone, one man who was sponsoring 18 children and another family who sponsored 4 dropped them all. NLF continues to chug along, but it is hurting with the pain of America's economical wound. The opportunity for this new partnership is not only a chance for blessing, it is a necessity. Please pray for their safety on this journey and their success in press conferences and forging of new bonds.

On another note, I have a lot of news to catch you up on. Two highly impactful Joy lessons, a more detailed post about the nutrition talk, and I also want to tell you a little about Bibi, Baba's mother who is in the hospital right now. Now that I have posted these plans publicly, I will have incentive to execute them. But for the time being, I am writing to tell you about the delivery of my first care package!!
Mama Domino (America mama, birth mama) sent me this sweet sweet package with materials for Uzima, gifts for Mama, some things I had been missing from home, some kind kind notes, and gifts for me!!
Check out my new earrings. Thanks, Ma!!
I got a jar of nutella, all natural peanut butter (my two guilty pleasures), this adorable green denim jacket, earrings, a change purse and a little fashion booklet of Anthropologie outfits. Spoil me rotten!!! I was so excited to get the package, there is nothing like tearing open a box, you know? Okay I have to get back to work...I still have to finish Mama's speaking notes for her PPT before she leaves tonight. Stay tuned! Hopefully my belated posts will be coming soon

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