Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chef Alice-ah

Everybody here pronounces my name Alice-ah. I think this is because the name "Alyssa" is so unfamiliar that people use "Alice" a familiar name, as a reference.
Life in Tanzania has done wonders for my cooking skills. Princely and I cook dinner three to four times a week, and we are both perfectionists and dabblers, so we get creative and we get good. Here's a shot of a dish we made the other night.

Not bad, huh?
The only meat in the house was chicken burger, so we crumbled it and made a mushroom sauce with tomato and green pepper and onion and curry in it. Then we sweated some green pepper in tomato sauce and made pishori, which is a really tasty kind of rice. 
To be honest, Princely does most of the cooking. I chop and wash and give advice for what I think should go in to the food and he stirs and sniffs and says, "can you grab me the..."
We make a pretty good team. Su Chef Pri and Chef Alice-ah  

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