Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bye Joy!

Today was my last day with Joy Girls. Lord I’m going to miss those girlies. I gave them their final test today. I think it was tough for many of them simply because they are unaccustomed to taking a large test like that in one sitting, but they all were so good about it and I have begun grading them tonight and the results are quite good.
Still, it made me realize that come January I want to quiz them more often so that tests of this nature are not such a huge to-do.

Durkasi being, well, beautiful
I gave them each the cliff bar (you know those energy bar things) a piece of clothing that I hand picked for them, and a note as a Christmas gift. They were quiet toward me saying a quick, “Thank you madam” or “thank you sister” but I could hear them squealing with joy the second they turned around.
Loveness and Happy flaunting their new attire :)

Tonight after dinner we prayed for them. We prayed for their safety and happiness over Christmas break and that they remember the solace they have found in God through New Life.
It was a beautiful day. I was sad to feel like it was the end of something lovely, but so glad to know it was a “see you later” rather than goodbye.

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