Friday, November 23, 2012

KCB Conference

Today Princely and I attended a conference hosted by KCB Bank (the biggest banking network in Tanzania and Kenya) as the Uzima representative. The conference was held for small businesses to promote positive business management for small start-ups. It began at 8 AM, but we went to the devotion at New Life first so we didn’t get there until 9 (excellent devotion this morning. It included the staff and the high school students. Oh God it was really beautiful. I had even heard the sermon two times before, but it really touched me in a different way this morning). No worries, the conference didn’t actually start until about 10 AM.
I thought it might be a morning event, but it went through until 5 in the evening. It was a great experience though. The marketing manager for KCB Tanzania approached us and asked about Uzima. She ended up setting us up to speak to this man named Uforo who is whom we will contact if we want KCB to sponsor an Uzima event. This is huge for us, so celebrate overseas please!!
We were served tea, lunch, and evening tea to break up the talks.
 The first talk provided general information about KCB, the second a recommendation about how to use the bank, and the third a word about accounting. Then we had testimonies of thanks (something that America should really adopt. It’s so uplifting for both the speaker and the audience to hear how the audience appreciates the presentation).
The speakers were long winded yet informative and they could almost always answer the questions we posed at the end.

The conference ended with us all receiving a certificate for our attendance. I learned some things at the conference, but most importantly I made a valuable connection and now have an incentive to apply the packages offered by KCB to Uzima.

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