Monday, September 24, 2012

The Tour(ist)

Today was a big day for the Alyssa-New Life relationship. I received a full tour of the primary school, secondary school, A-level (a level between high school and university that exists in the European education system) nursery school, and the Zoe girls school – a separate secondary school for only girls. Visiting each class individually gave me the opportunity to clearly see what role I will best serve at each.
The secondary school students are extremely intelligent; they generally do not seem to need help with their studies. However they are insufferably shy, so I think I will focus on public health and communication trainings with them. Among primary school students, there was a more noticeable divide between the students who understood the material versus those who did not. This observation guides me to think that I will spend one-on-one tutoring time with primary school students who are falling behind (primary school runs through the Tanzanian version of eighth grade). With Zoe girls, I will focus again on communication and public health – however more on public health than communication, whereas in the regular secondary school I’ll highlight communication. Finally, when it comes to the younger primary school students, I was told they were in need of an arts and crafts teacher. I am currently working on some lesson plans on communication and expression of emotion that involve arts and crafts. Though the nursery school children were adorable, I do not think my assistance will be best suited there, especially because I will only spend a few days a week with New Life.
Tomorrow I will visit Zoe babies and Fountain of Joy (the teen mothers) and assess their needs before meeting with the chief coordinator at New Life, Evelyn Mpinda to collaboratively decide precisely what my daily agenda will look like at New Life. 

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