Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pillow Talk

            It is hard to fall asleep here. Lying in bed and everything, doing things up until bedtime, yeah that’s fine, easy, enjoyable even. But in that moment when I set it all aside and take on the silence it gets real lonely real fast.
            I skyped with my dad tonight. Man, I love that guy. It was kind of like any other phone call, just a little longer and a little more to catch up on. He was the same though: a great listener (the specific nature of his feedback makes it evident that he absorbs each word) deeply rooted in his beliefs, and always a quick-witted comic. After about 20 minutes the conversation succeeded toward a natural close. We had caught up, words were fewer and farther between, and it was time to give it the old “well I don’t want to keep you too long”. But I did want him to keep me too long. I wanted so badly to want to end the call when really I could have listened to him talk for an hour. Sleep could never come easier.

            I am excited to move in with Glorious and Josephine. I will be in this hotel (ministry center) for one more night and two more days. Josephine and Glorious wanted to give me time to acclimate before I move in. They said that they are installing hot water right now (as opposed to a shower from a bucket) in their home so that it is not unbearable for me. I have consistently tried to reason that these differences are not at all unbearable, rather they are adventures of sorts. That the thing I miss most about home is the constant company, not the hot water. Still, I do appreciate the opportunity to have my own space for these few days as I really enjoy the independent downtime that I get here in the early evening. It inspires me to write and read instead of always socializing. I am quickly learning to appreciate this quiet time as both a hiatus from my daytime work and an opportunity to stretch my mind where it has become complacent. 

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