Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top of the mornin' to you

It’s 5:45 am and the sun is rising between the clouds to the right of Kili. I woke early this morning to the sound of my own deep breathing, something I didn’t know was quite possible. I didn’t realize that it was morning until I looked to my left to see that Dada Angel, our new house girl, was already out of bed.
Today is my last day. All these things that are normalcies for me now are about to be put on hold for a month, beginning tonight at 9:50 pm when I board the plane departing from KLM International Airport. Yesterday, I shopped for my family and bought a kanga headdress for myself to take a little piece of Tanzania back with me. Baba and I dropped Mama and Princely at the airport late last night to go to Zambia to visit a CPC that may want to partner with Uzima.  The house feels empty without them, and I feel for Charity who will be without them, me, and Baba this week as we all head to our various destinations. Today I will go to New Life to go to a teachers seminar and then I will go home, collect my things and go to the airport!! Evelyn, one of my bosses here at NLF, her husband, and Baba will take me to the airport. Though I do not want to leave, a part of me is excited to see who I will sit next to on the plane

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