Saturday, December 8, 2012

Come and Stay a While

Maybe some of you thought we would be on hold while I'm in America. THINK AGAIN! I am continuing Uzima work as much as ever in my time here, so I will keep you updated with news from the fundraiser I am hosting, the classes I visit, and the lesson plans I create in my time back home in America. Also, there are a lot of pictures from TZ that I never had the chance to edit and publish here on the blogspot. I will continue posting those, and I also will keep you updated with how things are going with New Life and Uzima in Tanzania. So never fear, Di*rt is still here.
Here's the first. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE Cadbury chocolate. It's not particularly common in America, and it's really expensive here, but it's everywhere in Tanzania, praise the Lord!! Mama and I visited the bank the other day and parked right next to this HUGE Cadbury truck. I absolutely needed a picture. We tried a ton of shots to try to get one that looks like I'm eating the chocolate bar, but this was just about as close as we got.

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