Thursday, December 6, 2012

because we are

There is something about being in the airport alone that gives me an absolutely immense sense of freedom. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that all around me people are traveling to hundreds of cities throughout the world. Maybe it's that I'm invisible to them. Or maybe I'm not invisible to them....just as I was writing that, a German man was walking around the area where I am sitting with my camera bag in hand asking, "Is this yours? Is this yours?"
People are good. Thank God for that. Thank God for freedom of thought and action and community mentality. There is this Ubuntu saying of the Bantu people (most people from East Africa are Bantu people) and it is the core of their culture. It is I am because we are. There's this story to explain it. A man held a banana and he tossed it in the air. Then he said to a group of children sitting before him, "whoever reaches the banana first gets it!" He expected them all to run, but nobody moved. When he asked why, they replied, "I am because we are." Then one boy got up and peeled the banana and passed it to his neighbor who took a bite before passing it to his neighbor who took a bite before passing it to his neighbor.
This philosophy is a fundamental piece of the beauty of this culture.

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